High-school never ends

Finally, I’ve passed the high school final examinations few days ago. Oh I thought it was the end of these struggles and I was relieved from worr. I remembered the hard days, I got stressful and I kept wondering if I could make it all successfully. 6 subjects aren’t easy, you know.


So, I almost graduated from school.
And I feel so delighted.

I do love making some friends there!
A friend comes, a friend gone. I met a lot of people, lots different characters, and also lots of experiences. Those made me stronger and stronger. I found love, I found hate, and I found pride.

Now I’d like to share an amusing picture when I got myself into it.

I attended SMA Negeri 2 Surabaya in 2006. Introducing my first year class, I was posted as the leader of X-5. I ran the class quite well and I was supported by my lovely classmates. They’re pretty nice.


For the previous year (2007) until present, I took Social program. This wasn’t because I was incapable to get the standard of Science program, but I know I’d rather discuss about some social-political issues than spin my head around in order to analyze lots of Physics and Mathematic questions.

And here it is, me and my Social classmates. How I love them all^^
Hmm.. I’m gonna miss my moments there.
High school never ends :)