The Suckturday

Q : What’s The Suckturday?
A : The Suckturday is an affiliation of 4 adolescents which have same interest in art and experimental photography, especially in what we called ‘street-fashion’ photography and urban stuffs.

Q : Who’s belong to The Suckturday?
A : They are Moozchi, Buntel, John, and me, Qza.

Q : How come it should be named as The Suckturday ?
A : That day was Saturday afternoon on December 8th, 2007. Me, John, and Buntel went to hunt some pictures as we like in the west section of Surabaya (unfortunately Moozchi had another plan to do). I was poor in driving car at that time (because I had been driving since 6 months before), and the boys were very anxious. Hahaha, ‘til we got the location, we didn’t get many photographs. The day was going to be darken, and we decided to go home. As we were riding on the road, we planned to continue our journey to Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya, but unfortunately (again) I didn’t get permission from my parents. Hhh, very bad luck, as my car was also getting out of gasoline, so I turned off the air-conditioner, and opened the car mirror, then we were dealing in a heat. That’s what we mean; we didn’t have a ‘Sweeturday’ but just ‘Suckturday’ :p

Q : Oh okay... Let’s see the pictures of you!
A : C’mon :)

Event 1
“Red-A Deteksi Convention 2k7”
Date : November 16-25th, 2007
Location : SSCC Supermal Pakuwon Indah Surabaya
(see the older post which titled is “Converse Custom!”before)

It was my first meet with John and Buntel.
They also joined the competition as they represented SMA Santa Maria Surabaya.


This is me and Moozchi, represented SMA Negeri 2 Surabaya.

The closing day of Red-A DetCon 2k7, November 25th, 2007.



Congratulations for John and Buntel, they are the best 10 of Converse Custom Shoes Competition.

Event 2
“Our Suckturday..”
Date : December 8th, 2007
Location : Citraland, Surabaya




hmm.. i'll be waiting for the next street-fashion photo session!
see you ! :)


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