Today's lesson from Mom

When I had lunch together with my Mom, we were talking about some late issues happened to my family, as my father (finally) checked to the dentist about his tartars. Then we jumped the conversation into my future issues, I told her that I was so expected to have an overseas study after taking a bachelor degree at Petra Christian University Surabaya (my future college :p). Mom and Dad would be okay for it and they supported me much :) hmm.. but the most thing is I want to be a family's pride.

Mom went so wisely when she told that praying could be the best foundation for me to go through the college world. She added that it would be a 'wild-life', knowing our youthful life begins to change into the older one. Yea, then she told that I was still unstable, still unstable in my 17.
Mom, I may be not your little girl anymore now, but I'm ready for the next-step of my life.

Thanks for all, Mom. I love you.

My Mom and my youngest sister, Diva