Rawk rawk along the zoo

Hhhh... finally, that pathetic day was over! I could breath easily as far as I thought that it would be nicer than before ;)

Yesterday, I went to refresh my mind to KBS with my new dearest pals : Putri, Mandor, Joe, Andy, Wima, and Bayu (I could say that they were my dearest, 'cause my latest days were almost full of them!). We went to capture some scenes, then we'd change it into sketch. (Hmm.. yea you know it was the college task. Hahaha)

We were all arrived at about 3 pm and we were amazed as if we had never been there. (Did you think that it was an euphorias? :p) We joked along the road, we had loads of fun, we did crazy things, and many more!

C'mon take a look for this scenes below ;)

Joey. Mandor. Me. Phutri. Andy Michael. Bayu (sorry, crop!). captured by Wima

Some animals

Wima was trying to have some chit chats with a little monkey

Hahahahaha... just kidding, Andy!

*all photos were taken randomly by us