2 a.m.

Today's theme song : Emergency - Paramore

I've just came back from Solo (last, I told you that I was in Jogjakarta. 2 days ago, I continued my trip to Solo for a family gathering) and it was really great.
Oh I felt like lighten up!
I met one of my friends there.
We drove around the city and I was sooo delighted.
We also enjoyed our conversations. And all at once, like I never heard it before, we jumped into future talks and it had changed my mind, indirectly.
Yea, I've made up my mind.
I gotta fix those black spots, soon.
All of my love matters.
I'm gonna leave it and throwing away my rage.
Hhhh.. okay. It's already 2 a.m.
I haven't had a rest yet, and I might being a sleepyhead for coming days.
I wanna have a sleep tight, but I can't.
I'm too deadly confused to think about it.


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