Thanks God, for my last tiring days was finally ended-up.
I had been very busy doing all my college tasks and I was already taken too much that day.
(I mean this was not really ended, there would be very hard days waiting over me, haha)

“Eksplorasi Kertas Glory”
Tugas minggu ke-2, mata kuliah Pramana 2

I’ve made a vow; this year must gonna be a super fine year, which I can get all the things done, work harder, learning in further way, get a better score, and so on.
I’ve failed my college score, I didn’t pass 1 lecture (which was a big mess for me).
I know it was such an embarrassing moment, but I don’t really care.
I have to trust myself; I’ll work harder to get a better score this year.

Nowadays, I put all of my efforts to accomplish my tasks, and it’s kinda hard at the first.
But I assure myself that I WILL get these things DONE.
Oh I’m very optimistic today ;)


  1. hai your english is perfect!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. ahh not soo perfect as you think, I still have to learn more hehe

  4. Aku pernah liat seni kertas gini di Surabaya Design Week di Balai Pemuda yg dulu itu. Mbak jd psertanya juga ta? Keren lhoh

  5. apit : haha bukan lah, ini tugas kuliahku baru aja, emang mirip kayak gitu buatnya.. hihi


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