Live on Mars

[*sorry for low quality picture]

There are tiny words reflected some dialogues by each characters. So here, I'm rewriting those dialogues, so you'd probably get the concept of my artwork :)

Person 1 (red shorty hair) : "Why should we live here?"
Person 2 (blue curly hair) : "Because of earth is getting WORSE. I hate it"
The Robot : "Bip... Bip.. We're at Mars now."

maybe someday we'll be moved to Mars.

If you won't, let's save our earth!


  1. yeah sure! i'm afraid that your picture will be reality

  2. it will happened soon... act now do anything to make our world a better place please...

    bip bip hahaha

  3. oh! i love the concept of your drawing! it's simple yet it has a strong message. :))
    i am saving the world by not eating meat and animal by-products, reducing my plastic consumption, not littering, etc.

    do your part, people!

  4. i believe in aliens and robots. and i cant wait to move to mars, seriously. earth is getting crazy! love your work bby :D

  5. nice picT!!!

    lets go to mars!!!!!

    hahahahaha :)

  6. *nindya : yeah, me either! but what all we can do this day is doing something that earth can be saved!

  7. *hafiz : bip bip.. you're damn rite!

  8. *xanabioticx : wow thanks! oh so you're a vegan, I'd like to do this either, but I don't used to leave that delicious meats, hehe :P but.. I do throw the trash in the right place and not littering, I'm getting pissed when my friends are littering!

  9. *shida : so you belive in 'em? honestly, i'm not! hehehe, for me they're just such a mystical one, not that truly exist. thank you shida! :)

  10. *ojan : hahaha cmon! i'd like to! thanks

  11. ohh, kimo goes conceptual..
    very very nice artwork xD

  12. *deyn : wahaha thanks mate! yeah i love conceptual works

  13. *Tiaz : hey thanks! your blog is just so awesome too :) so you come from London?


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