What is your True Fear?

It's been 2 days about getting miserable again. I didn't know what I was going to do, it just felt like awfully boredom. I missed my friends who always made the day, I missed my quality time with my family, I missed my old house.

Oh! I'm really sorry, I'm making such negative post, hahaha. Okay, skip it.
I've just entered this site, it's all about quizzes that killing your time (hihi), then I filled 1 thing; in order to find out what's my true fear.

Then this is the result :

What is your True Fear?
Your Result: Losing Someone
You love affection and the people in your life more than anything. Your greatest fear is that one day someone you care about won't be there anymore. You are a very friendly and inviting person, who draws in a lot of friendships with your kind, considerate, and loyal nature. However, deep down you are slightly insecure and unsure of yourself. You couldn't deal with it if you didn't have one of your loved ones in your life anymore. You don't have too much to worry about though, because with a friend like you, no one will want to lose you either!
Being Alone



Where Your life is Going


Looked down on

What is your True Fear?
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Losing someone?
Hahahaha is this only coincidentally appeared or is it really who I am? :p
Actually, this is true. I'm really scared of losing people I love. My family, my friends, and boyfriend (if I have one, hihi).

So people, would you mind to take this quiz too?
I wanna know about the results! Share with me :)


  1. maaf aku ketinggalan jaman. hehehe. selama uan uas aku gak buka internet, jadinya gini dehh.. hhehe :D
    aku mau nyoba ikut kuis itu kak..

  2. kak, kalo aku komitmen :P
    mungkin juga sihh.. secara pacar aku beda agama .. hhe

  3. *nindya : ahahahaha gak kok nin, nyante aja. wah gitu ya.. ngga papa syg, slama kmu yakin smua itu bakal lancar kok. aku sih pny temen yg pacaran beda agama gitu, tapi buktinya mereka bisa jalan 3 taun :)

  4. hi hi hi
    salam kenal gw temennya nindya
    hehe blognya keren kak..

  5. *mr dandiy : hey hey you, thanks for coming! thanks for the compliment too :)

  6. *xanabioticx : so are you, hehe :) thanks sweetheart!

  7. i got BEING ALONE hmm yeah it got me, sial

  8. *rega : hehehe gapapa reg! makanya kamu slalu dikelilingi temen2 :D

  9. hmm bener, bener, aku bikin geng motor aja lah sekalian

  10. *rega : join dong kalo kamu bikin reg, haha


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