Lower level of body ability

Well, hello readers, how are you people? I really hope you're doing okay!

As I wrote on my chat box last night, I was recovering from a terrible disease, a common truth for such design student like me. I wasn't living routines in a proper way. I ate only 2 times a day, I slept above 2 am, I worked over hard, then suddenly my body just couldn't help it.

I was sick almost a week and seriously, it was torturing me! I couldn't move my body and I've got a great headache. I couldn't even have a sleep tight and I always had a nightmare. What I could only said was, "Please get outta my blood, Salmonella parathypus! SOON!"

Now thanks God for getting me better. I just can't hardly wait to see some friends. I've been missing them so much :)

*Next week will be so crucial. Wish me luck on my exam!^^

Don't forget to always be healthy, guys!


  1. get well soon, and good luck for your exam!!

  2. get well soon, and good luck for our exam

  3. i kinda like typhus... bisa libur dirumah hueuhe cuma ga tahan panasnya aja kaya meleleh otaknya huehueh ceoet sembuhlah .. :D

  4. *shila : thank you thank you!

    *nindya : yes, thanks! amin

  5. *deyn : hahaha sama kyk diatasnya, it's okay, thanks mate!

    *gogopren : ahhhh tipes is just kinda shite! hahaha... aku yg ga kuat tu pusingnya.. oke makasih :)

  6. hahae pusing demam ... enak tuh ditongkrongin kalo lagi tidur .. biasanya ngigo macem2 heehe

  7. ahahaha anda benar! bukan ngigau sih, mimpi buruk tepatnya! saya pernah bermimpi terjebak di suatu lorong dan dibawah saya ada selokan yg berisi binatang aneh-aneh yg meminta saya untuk mengadopsi salah satu dari mereka! argghhh dan bentuk mereka sangat aneh dan menakutkan!


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