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I admit that this week can be probably named as the dating week. I spent most of my times with Adit, in the middle of the day 'til sun has set down, whoa I do love every moment we have, but still, I gotta take some rests. When I was lying on my bed, enjoying the night, I felt like a bit exhausted, lost half of energies, really wanna hibernate, haha yes for tomorrow.

Hm but that’s not the point. Actually, this is not only for dating.

This weekend I got a project with my college mates. We present an artwork exhibition and band performances which title is “Box of Idea : Kotak Hitam”(check my previous post!). It’s only 2 days and we really put our high efforts to complete this mission, we have to get luck!

So here’s my collaboration artwork with Putri Macan, a photography work.

Photographed by Putri Macan
Concept by Felkiza Vinanda
Talent : Femy Runia and Reza Oktivia Hamenda


  1. nice pic!!!

    blogwalking aja ahh

  2. WOOOOW, lucu storyline nya ahaha asli femi lucu :D

  3. ehehehe iya storyline nya begini dit, iya si femy sering menampilkan muka konyolnya :p


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