Set your life goal

I've just gone to campus to see my final result and guess what, I only got 2, 31 for this semester. I failed 1 lecture (again) so wish me luck 'til next year, people! So this is the time for holiday. Oh I really really wanna take a vacation. Soon.

My father asked me to go to Bandung, my boyfriend asked me to go to Lombok, and I just got a bit confused. I personally wanna see the beach, I wanna go to Lombok, join with Adit and some friends, but I do miss a family vacation. Hmm, which is better?

Okay, this afternoon, I have lunch with a pack of beef burger and cold milo with Putri Macan at Burgerman (you should try it while visiting Surabaya! It's really delicious!) then we meet Mbak Dian (Rachmadian Dendar), a young business woman who's the general affair manager of Burgerman. We love to have a long conversation with her, listening to her inspiring stories, learning how to begin a business and how to behave with others. Wow I adore her, she's a great woman! Her stories really put me into some dreams and I really got inspired.

Mbak Dian told me that I should have set a life goal. It's so important. And I can start a small business, just do it alone or ask one of a friend to join. But I realize that I haven't had a specific dream, a living goal, kind of that. All I ever know is I wanna live abroad, especially Paris. I wanna continue a master program, taking fashion design, maybe in Parson's Paris School of Design or what (hahahaha I know, this is too damn unrealistic;p.), but I really wanna go there. My mind is already set to go abroad, I don't know, I just love to be there :)

Hence, I should go for a little break, thinking about this life goal thing. For whom I'm alive here, 'cos sometime I don't believe in God. But now, I have a faith in my own, that God is exist and I'll set some dreams and make it real!