Thank you Deny :)


Glad to see this, I'm featured on my friend's blog, Deny Deyn and he put me into "Illustrations" category. Hehehe, thank you, Deny!

Well, Deny is one of my college mate. He's techno-freak, hehehe, now he has been learning to make some animation works. I love his works, the idea is just so very simple, come through out our daily life, then yeah.. he made it beautiful! :)


  1. wahhh technofreak katanya? -_-' hahahha xD
    thx for review my post xD aku kira ga tau Kiz :p

  2. oh ya kiz, katanya anak2 kamu lgi sakit.. moga cepet sembuh ya

  3. *deyn : ahahahaha yes, kmu kan techno banget gitu den :p yehehe tau dong, aku kan slalu berjalan-jalan ke blog kawan2 :P iya udah sembuh kok, makasih yaa


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