Plans for holiday

Good morning and thanks God it’s already July. I can’t wait to have a trip. I can’t wait ‘til my dad said “Ok, this is the time. Let’s go to Bandung.” or.. “Just be prepared, tomorrow we’re going to Bromo.” Gosh, it takes me impatiently.

Like being trapped in the waiting line though, I won’t lose any chances to create some crafts which I wish I could have done it before, when I thought I couldn’t make it ‘coz I still got lots of assignments to do. I really wanna try a felt and paper creation.

Paper creation for fashion
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Felt craft for necklace
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Those are magnificent! Aren't they?

So I plan to create a similar thing, doing some creations with felt and paper, then maybe take it as properties for a photo session or even purchase it! Hehe, I remember of Mbak Dian said.

Along with that, I still wanna make a painting, not commonly on the paper, but the other media; maybe a dustbin, t-shirt, used tin, etc. I hope they’ll be real very soon! Who wanna join? Hehe :p