My father said ...

“You know that life gets harder, people get smarter. They compete to approach the goal and also to reach their dream. Some will be fair, some will not. And you’re now in these surroundings. Be careful; make sure that people around you won’t take any advantages of you. You should know which thing that most suits you.”


  1. Couldn't agree more. The real world is tough, if you don't learn who's your friends and enemies you'd never survive. Even though there's such thing as enemies, but take them as the people that are pushing you the wrong way. But no matter how many million quotes there are out there about life, you wont ever quit being a student when it comes to life, phew!

  2. Well yeah, Cassey. I'm such a naive person, yea I used to be. I put my fully effort to decrease it, year by year, and it works. I begin to think that they're not completely taking advantages of me, but it's humanist thing. People make faults and those forgiveness. I understand now, this is a real life :)


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