Bra, bra, bra custom!

Hello the 1st day of November!
Hello too, lovely readers!
How are you? I hope you’re doing fine. I’m on leave now, so probably I have plenty of time to do something. No more college routines, I mean for this year and a half for the upcoming 2010. So, what have I been doing? Simply, I just enjoy the time. I’ve been drawing a lot, eating a lot (haha), watching movies, going somewhere, and making some new creations. Yeah, the last thing comes up for a newbie! I’m so in love with this thing. While on leave, seems like my brain is fulfilled by creative ideas. They’re splashing all over it!

And after a few months break since my last group exhibition in June 2009, I’m back for good. I’m taking part of a group exhibition and joining a competition which held by Reach to Recovery Surabaya (for more info click here). This recently theme is for breast cancer awareness icon. So what we need is a plain bra then we should change them into creative stuff.

Alright, let me show you my own creations :

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This is called Bra-ish head.
It’s a head accessory.
It belongs to BRAtivity art design competition and being exhibited on these last three days at Atrium Tunjungan Plaza 1 Surabaya.

See the picture below for further information :

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taken from Reach to Recovery Surabaya's Facebook page.

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Unfortunately, the BRAtivity administrators didn’t put any name tag for this work. I didn’t know why, I was a bit disappointed. It shouldn’t be that way, it seemed worthless.

Well, it came up for true; I didn’t get my luck to be a winner. That’s okay. At least I’ve had a valuable experience ;)

And here’s my work for another thing. It wasn’t a competition, it was a group exhibition.

Hmm do you see some thumbnails on your left? Do you see BRAngerous link? Yeah, that’s another group project of mine. C’mon take a look of the previous post here; I had ever been in an exhibition under the name of BRAngerous on April 2008.

Anyway, we’re asked to be participated in this case, so we collected many works of bra customs. Sneak a peek below :

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my work.
“Stop eating junk food too much or cancer will bite you”

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BRAngerous works

Have a great day, people!

If you have information about contest based on my things, just let me know! :)


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