Several updates

1. Days gone ahead and they took me up and down. I had such a short period, but it affected me worse. I was down, melancholy, tangled-hearted, and much more intuitive. Bad luck, wasn’t it? But I could make it right. So I started to entertain myself by this weekend and yes, I did it. It was my first job to be a freelancer and specified as reporter (at the moment). I worked for Provoke! Magazine to mention the “Pop Mie Cheerleadance National Competition 2009” in Surabaya and my mate, Krishna, was asked to be my partner along the duty (he’s a talented photographer ;p). I enjoyed the times a lot, even it was really tiring. There were many things happened and they were completely intriguing. It was such a pleasure to see the team were screaming out their yells, seems they looked very though and got a fine spirit. I also had an interview session with one of the jurors, Mr. Arinto, the owner of Alpha Plus Dancer and a well-known choreographer who ever worked with Dewi Sandra, Agnes Monica, Titi DJ, and many more. Yes, he was very nice and I was given a lot of information about cheerleading. Well, I love this job. It’s nice to meet new people, gain your communication skills, practice time managing, and so on :)

2. I'm on Tumblr now, hahaha this page is created for my daily inspirations and other influences or even this is tend to be my mood graphic. Sneak a peek here :

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3. I have a question for you : who's going to Placebo's upcoming concert in Jakarta?