Thursday, July 30, 2009

This week update

Still got nothing. I haven't had a vacation during my holiday; but I'm just very happy 'cos next week I'll get myself on it. I'll be at Bandung for 4 days with my girls and it's great! :)

Me and my girls were on a wedding party of Alex and Dewi

My 3rd blog award; given by Rifdia.
Thanks a lot :)

I can't wait to go to Bandung!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For God sake, Bromo is truly beautiful!

If you realize the title I wrote here, yeah it’s the name of another trip photo album that I’ve got in my Facebook account. A bit dramatic, huh? Hehe yeah just because I was very excited!

I really forget that I haven’t told you before about this trip. It was few days ago. No plans, we just directly into our destination. Dad drove the car and it was the 1st family trip we had since last Ied Fitri. Include full of family members, there were me, mb.Ocha, my biggest sister; Diva, my youngest sister (ps : I’ve got 2 sisters, I’m the middle), then both of my parents. I was very happy!

Oh! I have to give a short description about Bromo. It’s a must visited place for holiday!

[Mount Bromo (Indonesian: Gunung Bromo), is an active volcano and part of the Tengger massif, in East Java, Indonesia. At 2,329 meters it is not the highest peak of the massif, but it is the most well known.
The massive area is one of the most popular tourist attractions in East Java, Indonesia.]
source : Wikipedia

Okay, that day we arrived in Probolinggo, which we would stay for 1 night at Hotel Ratna. The weather was cold and windy. Maybe I should wear my sweater more than 1 layer, ‘cos I was the one who easily cold (poor me). Then ‘til tomorrow, it was the time. We checked out at about 9 am and went to the closest area to Mount Bromo.

People I told you, the road to get there isn’t easy at all. It’s quite dangerous. Do not ever drive your car on high speed because it’s twisting road. Stay slowly and you can open your car window beside you, just to see the beautiful greens of nature and let the wind whispers over you.

And yeah, finally! We got the 1st stop to park the car then should ride the the jeep one, ‘cos the next area would be more dangerous.

So, this is your preparation time. You have to wear both of your jacket and sweater, a cap to protect your hair from dusty and sunny areas, pair of socks and gloves to protect from cold, boots or training shoes to make a step onto the climb, a masker to protect your breathing from stinging sulfur smell, and a sunglasses (if you want). Don’t forget bring your camera always on your hand and your money always inside your pocket, hehe.

You’re ready now and we gotta go to Mount Bromo soon!
To enter Bromo National Park, we had to pay the ticket entrance fee for Rp 6.000,00 (for local visitors) or Rp 25.000,00 (for foreign visitors) each person. Then to rent a jeep we needed Rp 250.000,00 and horse riding for Rp 75.000,00 (each horse) to approach the cauldron top.

‘Til you get the sand sea, you have to ride a horse or just walk. I suggest choosing horse riding and please asking the Tenggerese to lead the horse and accompany you along the walk. It’s quite risky areas. Don’t forget to wear your masker and keep a bottle of mineral water always on your hand if you don’t wanna get a bad cough after passing the sand sea and grasping a smell of sulfur.

The sand sea area is beautiful. You can take many pictures of it. Just enjoy the scenery around, feel brand new and grateful to God. Never feel tired and open your heart up to feel the delight inside you. You’ll be very pleased and nearly cry about it.

I’m not going to dramatize the situation, I just ever feel it :)

Here it was! What I had been waiting for. Climbing hundreds of stairs to reach the cauldron top! Honestly, I was a bit afraid. The feeling came all by sudden. But skip it; I wanted to reach the top soon. According to the local stories, it’s been hard to predict and count the numbers of the stairs. Some said 250, some said 256. Well, what do you think?

(Oh I forget, you should wear a masker here because of the stingy vapor sulfur. Otherwise, you’ll get a bad cough)

1, 2, 3, yeah! We got the top! (It was 10 am)
Oh my God, it was truly beautiful. I recalled “Subhanallah” many times, seeing the pure blue sky, the warmth of sun, the glory we had there. I also took some photos there and Dad was busy with his video recorder. Actually, the weather wasn’t too cold, so it was okay to put off your jacket.

Align Center

We enjoyed there ‘til we met a couple tourist from France. Geez, I only remember Ellena was her name, and for the guy.. ah I forget it. Dad, who’s always trying to have a conversation with stranger on this situation, led the main topic. The guy told us that he sold his apartment in France to have a world traveling with his wife. He’s ever been to Bali before and the next plan was for Jogjakarta. Well, it was obviously kinda interesting talks ‘coz the guy was very nice and made sure to my Father that he would sent him an e-mail or just a call if someday he took Surabaya for their destination.

45 minutes left and we had to back home. We waved goodbye to some tourists there and we're ready to leave the top then back to the jeep.

Okay this is the end of the trip, I’m glad to share with you. So don’t waste your time, you should go to Bromo! It’s truly beautiful :)


Monday, July 13, 2009

About a girl

I miss my sketchbook and drawing tools. It's been a while not drawing something. I just spend the holiday with my PC, more writings, reading book and magazines, have fun with my bf and bestfriends, so on. Lately I don't have any artworks yet. So this is the time I create more!

# 1 :
"Use me.
You're not alone, I'll build an everlasting tranquility."

[Coloring marker + Adobe Photoshop CS 2]

# 2 :
"Stimulate your nerves.
This called L U S T."

[Coloring marker + Adobe Photoshop CS 2]

2 weeks later is full with wedding invitations. I'm wondering why July is one of the best choice for getting married. Congratulation for you who's going to be married this month :) May you always have a joyful and peaceful moment.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Looks for Looklet

Listening to : Chicks On Speed - Fashion People

So I'm thinking about making this post :p

Hey people! You must have recognized this cool site, named Looklet, a brand new styling studio where you can combine every piece in our fashion collection to mix, match and create your personal looks. All clothes are real, selected by stylists, from real designers -

Hmm, I do love fashion very much and I've been dreaming about someday I'm gonna be a great fashion designer! (haha, this is my secret obsession, I tell you :p) But skip it for being a fashion designer, I haven't ever learned fashion design before! I only have created my own jumpsuit (click if you wanna about to know) and it doesn't fitted me in yet, I wanna learn about patterning and sewing for sure!

And here we go, I choose to try Looklet, create some personal looks that presented by those skinny models (haha), and now I'm very into loose tops. It gives me more spaces to go, just feel relaxed and great comfortably in. I also love variations of grey. Hihi I don't know why, I think grey is a sexy colour! (Adit keeps wondering for it, hehe)

Those pictures above are my own creations.
If you wanna see more looks, click
you'll be directly into my page! :)

Maybe I'm not the same young attractive and stylish people over this world,
I only have fun :p

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Support Moof & Wok The Rock

Artist : Wok The Rock

go to see the pics : HERE

Talent : me and Rahayu Budhi (the red one behind)
Photos by Tampan Destawan Subagyo

- April 2009

Confusing One : The Good and The Bad

Back to English, back to ordinary. I'm in the mood of it, hehe. Yeah this picture below is not a recently artwork. It's been a long time ago since the holiday. I just scanned it then put a gray color (which I convinced the right one) as a background.

[Drawing pen + Adobe Photoshop CS 2]

"She/He is complex and intuitive. She/He can't set her/his mind well.
Just worrying about 2 general things. Between the Good and the Bad.
Poor her/him, the Good seems will be defeated by the Bad."

Saturday, July 4, 2009

SFC interview session with Prambors 89,3 fm Surabaya

It was 1 pm, I left and went to my best best buddy’s house, Echa, to meet my other friends, they’re Putri Macan, Femy, Marsha, which belong to Surabaya Fashion Carnival crew. We had a small meeting to discuss about an interview session with the local radio, Prambors 89,3 fm. Geez, I got shocked when knowing this thing. Why should us? Hehe but honestly, I was very happy. Never got thought we would be interviewed by a local radio like this, especially about our project, Surabaya Fashion Carnival.

left to right : Echa, me, Putri, Femy
below : Marsha

Yeah, it was already 5 pm. Krisna and Indri were the announcers. The interview session was fun! Echa was taking her part, playing her role as our public speaker :p She explained much about Surabaya Fashion Carnival and we did all too (hmm except Putri, she was too shy to speak :p).

Big thanks to all Prambors 89,3 fm Surabaya crew for giving a chance to Surabaya Fashion Carnival that will be participated in Prambors fm Surabaya anniversary event which held on this July 25th .

Wish us luck, readers! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Plans for holiday

Good morning and thanks God it’s already July. I can’t wait to have a trip. I can’t wait ‘til my dad said “Ok, this is the time. Let’s go to Bandung.” or.. “Just be prepared, tomorrow we’re going to Bromo.” Gosh, it takes me impatiently.

Like being trapped in the waiting line though, I won’t lose any chances to create some crafts which I wish I could have done it before, when I thought I couldn’t make it ‘coz I still got lots of assignments to do. I really wanna try a felt and paper creation.

Paper creation for fashion
Image source :

Felt craft for necklace
Image source :

Those are magnificent! Aren't they?

So I plan to create a similar thing, doing some creations with felt and paper, then maybe take it as properties for a photo session or even purchase it! Hehe, I remember of Mbak Dian said.

Along with that, I still wanna make a painting, not commonly on the paper, but the other media; maybe a dustbin, t-shirt, used tin, etc. I hope they’ll be real very soon! Who wanna join? Hehe :p