In Memoriam

It was Tuesday morning when my biggest sister called me and said, “Dek, Eyang Papi meninggal.”. I was downstairs and I went upward immediately. “Bener ta, mbak?”, I asked her to make sure that it wasn’t that bad. I still didn’t believe it. “Iya, barusan Mama nelpon ke hapeku.”, she answered. Yeah, I saw her eyes were turning red.

I was shock.
I still didn’t believe it.

My grandfather had passed away.

I went to my room and my tears were ready to fall.
“Okay, it just all about time and I won’t see him in any longer bad situation. He’s been ill for too long and now it’s time for him to go back.”

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the last picture of him that I took.
September 2009

May you rest in peace, Eyang Papi.
We’ll be missing you here and we’ll always love you.