They made my day

I was in the middle of doing my stuffs when suddenly Yola text me and asking to go somewhere. I was so happy ‘cos we hadn’t seen each other since one and a half year ago. She’s one of my friends when I was in the high school, so hanging out with her would be interesting. Then I asked Icha and Muchel to join us, well they said “yes”, immediately! Ahh, what a great one.

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Noir Sur Blanc black cardigan, Nikicio NN:O2 Classic Muscle Tank Black, Rumpus Calamus by Mars Rizkia necklace, Alba watch, unbranded bag, unbranded black tights, Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High-Top shoes

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Muchel - Jola - me - Icha

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Jola - Icha - Dhani "Cepot" - me

We had all fun! Then when it was on 8.30 pm, I arrived at Coffee Corner to meet my other friends. It was another course time! Hehe. Yeah, they're my english course classmates. I love being around them, they're very nice and lovely!

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Marvin - Kukuh - Inggra - Pingkan - Ita - Zahra - me

I cannot wait for the next joyous time! :D


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