Bye, Twitter.

Things were doing just fine when I set my mind to deactivate my Twitter account. Once I woke up and I thought that it wasn't necessary again. I was quite sickened to read other people rude tweets; complaining about their parents and family (even they might say something really bad), expressing their anger, and so on. Yeah, the right thing to do was just stop following them. But, how if he/she is your lovely friend? Well, that might be the problem.

Hm.. but those statements above aren't my only point of views. Of course, there are some advantages from it. I admit that it's really interesting. I can spend a lot of hours only for tweeting something; giving mention to friends, or just for sending direct message to one of them. It's fun, right? Social networking is always fun and .... addictive. Therefore, I won't spend my most of times only for tweeting and let's go over it now. I have to explore another things and let's just be real.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter if you're still tweeting. It's not a bad case, but try not to be addicted for this thing. You have a REAL life, go spend more hours to create something magical. Yeah, 'cos we are the future :)

*Friends, you can always reach me here! I won't stop blogging 'til something better do us apart ;p See ya on the next post, more drawings will be shown ;)


  1. you are right kak, i agreed with you, we got enough drama in our life to deal right ? ;)

  2. Thumbs!!! Totally agree with you kak kijaaaaa!

  3. We did the exact same thing, Kiz! Haha

  4. Yeah.. rada bosan memang kalo baca timeline twitter yang isinya cuma curhat-curhatan. apalagi kalo curhatannya "nanggung". minta ditanya balik banget. hehe. tapi saya punya twitter.. ck ..


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