Tribute : Hot Chocolate and Mint

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When I got bored with daily routines, I just grabbed a sketch book and started to draw.
Diana Rikasari, a famous Indonesian fashion blogger,
is being illustrated!

I adore her style, it's very playful.
She's also creative and looking great, as always.

So I sent it and whoaa she made a post of my drawing.
Thank you, miss Diana :)


  1. hello there :D I love love love your beautiful blog and dying to ask :D
    do you want to take part art swap? it's a swaping our handmade things all around the wold,It can be a little drawing, a print, a comic or a zine, a photo, a felted
    creation, a beaded thing...
    Whatever fits your niche and mood you the best part is you wouldn't guessin who will send you and from what country, if you inte...rested please hit back to me, I will send the email for the details :D

  2. whoah! it's interesting! mail me for the details, please. i'm waiting :)


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