Inspiring movie and the hidden message

I always love cartoon movies. They give me lots of inspirations and do renewing my views. The daily lessons of "do(s)" and "don't(s)" that has been visualized beautifully; seem to throw something through my mind. They capture some fundamental things in life; such as relationships, dilemmas, and problem solving; in a very simple way. Of course, it's because they need to be easily perceived by children.

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Yesterday, I watched "How To Train Your Dragon" with my sisters. I didn't enjoy it at first, but later I could really say that it was really cool and very recommended to see. In fact, the plot is very simple. It's all about the relationship between animals and human beings, or maybe their surroundings. For your information, human misjudgment that grows rapidly nowadays has become a crucial thing here. It's a common truth that people used to judge the book by its cover, used to judge things only by seeing their outer look, and this movie will explain it all.

Moreover, it teaches us about defining 'love in a simple way' and how natural responses would carry their way to strengthen the quality of relationship. In the name of love and sincerity, every little thing we do could lead us to a peaceful world. Even the scariest and cruelest things; if we could treat them right, we'd eventually get their deepest recognition.

Guys, you should watch it. It's a good one, yet also entertaining. You might have your own interpretations. What can we do next? Many serious conflicts are going on now, let's spread love and put a little attention to your surroundings. They really need it.

... See you on the next post!

*Happy birthday my best fellow, Krishna Pradana! May each and every passing years bring you cheer, wisdom, and peace. God bless you, mate :)