She's my inspiration

A couple weeks ago, I met my Daddy's friend. She's about in her 40s and she was wearing all black for her outfit. She has a short hair and her height is not so tall. When I looked into her eyes, I knew she wasn't an ordinary woman. And her face, umm.. was likely to embrace her emphatic.

We had a nice conversation and I was blessed at that time.

"Kiza, I told you. Women should able to do many things; even a man's job. If you are so, you will be an independent woman."

"If you have already built your own business, just go with the flows. Do it for fun."

"Before you try to affect people, you have to know their personality first. Try to get closer, personally. Take an observation. If they're tough, you have to be tough too. If you're smooth, they will keep offending you."

"Do you feel hard to tell your parents about your real obsession? Try to analyze it very well and take some advance arguments. Go talk to your parents, feel the effects."

"A good family management will raise a good personality of a person."

"I make friends with a lot of boys and I used to date some of them. 'Til I met my husband, we were dating for 1 year then we got married."

"My husband used to be my best friend when I was in the college."

"Hahaha.. don't think about your future guy! You're still 19 years old. It's still a long way to go!"