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One day, this Indonesian young talented musician who also the only member of Shorthand Phonetics, Ababil Ashari, asked me to do some artworks for his newest album, "Thirty-four Minutes with Hide and Tsubasa". It will drop 10th of August on Yes No Wave and Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records. Yeah, it's been an honor working with him!

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Read the first review for the new album by Steve Gilmore : here

This is not enough. He made a contact again and asked if he could use one of my work. I said yes, then the project is finally out! He has donated his new single, "Raised by Teenage Girls" to UNIFEM to fight sex trafficking in Asia. Wow, how cool is that?

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"To download this exclusive Shorthand Phonetic's single and voice your opinion,
go to the Shorthand Phonetic's artist page on the campaign website
and click on the download link!"
- Shorthand Phonetics's Tumblr post


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