The first week

This is actually not my favorite phase; but hey, I just feel so excited! I am taking 24 credits this semester and I'll have 11 classes to attend. Some of them belong to basic language courses (skill, linguistics, literature, and culture courses), while the rest belongs to professional courses (English language teaching and Theatre & Film courses). Well, it's like a challenge; I mean, some of them are really new for me. Let's say: Phonology & Morphology ('creepy' stuff that I often heard from my boyfriend), Modern European Philosophy (a study of various modern European thoughts from the 17th century to the 20th century), and last, Theatrical Design, which takes more credits than the others (I'll learn the basic concepts of theatrical design & production; include the design and production of the set, property, lighting, costume & make up, and sound). But that doesn’t really matter, I promise to work hard on every subjects. Finger crossed :)

*PS : Recent posts about the grand opening event of Centro Department Store will be soon available at Surabaya Fashion Carnival. Do visit the blog first :)