It's tonight!

It's the third day of fasting and I hope everyone is still doing well. I am currently working on some stuffs in my last few days of holiday, one of them is a poetry competition held by Petra Christian University (yes, that's my school!). Wish me luck, okay?

Another stuff, ...well, it's kind of challenge for me. I just got invited to the grand opening of Centro Department Store with some fashion blogger fellows. (rr...actually, I never consider myself as a single fashion blogger, but I do work in team for Surabaya Fashion Carnival. But don't mind it, that's not a big deal! hehe) The grand opening will take place on Wednesday, August 3rd at 6 pm - which is tonight! - at Galaxy Mall, Surabaya. For your information, there'll be two main events, which is Red Carpet & Wall of Fame and the most important one, is Opening - Fashion Show - First walk by Olla Ramlan (I bet one of my bestfriends would love to see her) - and Closing. Hm, it's exciting, huh? :)

The invitation

 The good news is I'll do some reports after the show. So, in case you missed it, just stay tuned on my blog and I will let you updated! :)