Drawing: Hair

I drew these characters in January 2016. It was summer in Sydney and I was alone in my bedroom. It was quite a nice afternoon. It came to me all of sudden that I wanted to draw human hair, so I grabbed my pink sketchbook and a Zebra pen with pink ink. I started drawing and made some sketches on the hair.

The process of drawing hair had been surprisingly relaxing. I enjoyed it so much. It helped me achieve mindfulness - if I were to adopt the jargon that media has been promoting about. It helped me focus on being present and consistent with my goal. It helped me respect my mistake, drive my instinct to never look back and keep going. All these simple yet important life lessons that I could unexpectedly learn through drawing hair.

Character 1: Lisa

Character 2: Raymond

Character 3: Emma
Above is the edited version of my drawings. Below is the original one, as seen on my sketch book.

To tell you the truth, I hate looking at one simple error in my drawing. Be it an accidental pen mark, a tiny misplaced dot, or an ink that smears. It has to be neat, clean and looked just... right :p.


  1. Kereenn,.drawing hair,kereenn,.keep goin. dan selamat ulang tahun kemarin itu, semoga dijaga Tuhan selalu, berkarya, Dan kereeenn


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