Friday, May 30, 2008

Social Class Trip To Malang

Travel dates : May 22-24th, 2008
Destination : Villa Apple, Batu – Malang – East Java
Transportation : Tourism Bus
Who’s on travel : Social program students of SMAN 2 Surabaya year 2007-2008 + Mr. Hirman + Mrs. Kis + Mrs. Ummu

Day 1 – May 22nd, 2008
The day we left Surabaya
1. My room was the only one on the second floor and the other was only toilet.
2. My roommates : Gisti, Devy, Novy, Icha ( I thought there were no space enough for more 4 persons, we did though)
3. I was amazed by its hygienic condition, hahaha yes I am a hygienic-freak.
4. The water was so cold, I delayed my shower time.
5. I had a bowl of meatballs for lunch.
6. There were only 2 bathrooms for over 40 persons!
7. The 3rd floor was BOYS only.
8. I played monopoli with my friends, Bimo and Eko, hoho I was the richest for the game!
9. We ate some yummy roasted corns together for dining.
10. The girls were gathering around with the boys on 3rd floor, played Monopoli, cards, or even sang along together on F4 tracks. Hakakakak
11. I couldn’t sleep tightly, the boys still laughed so loud ‘til 3 am. They bothered me indirectly.
12. I missed my family a lot! *homesick*

We met up on the 2nd floor.
front : Dhani “Cepot”, Eko, Yola, Camel, Ninit, Michael, and.. yeah me
behind : Prizky and Icha (hoho you guys seemed like a sweet couple)

Welcome Ayik! mm.. Eko, what were you lookin’ at?

Malang city lights


Day 2 – May 23rd, 2008
The main event
1. I enjoyed my meal everyday, those were very delicious!
2. I got bored and unstable emotionally. There was no occasion for the day.
3. I tried to sleep in the afternoon, but I couldn’t. So I only watched a bollywood tv program with Munchel, Tommy, and Halimah :p
4. I played monopoli again with Eko and Bimo, but I became the loser! Haha
5. For the main event, all students had told their impression about being a Social student. Poor me, I didn’t take any photographs L
6. I called Seno at the midnight. I missed him a lot!
7. I could sleep tightly :) Tomorrow, I’d be home.

Gisti, my room-mate, tried to make a card pyramid.
Me and her were bored together :p

Day 3 - May 24th, 2008
The last day, the real vacation
1. We left out and went to Jatim Park.
2. I only played bom-bom car and “Rumah Pipa”. I didn’t get interested to “Rumah Hantu” or such “Rumah Misteri 3D”, anything that related to mystical things. I was paranoid.
3. Lots of my friends were “Flying-Tornado”-addict.
4. We left Jatim Park at about 5 pm.
5. On the way home, I turned back my memories to 90s music such as Gil, Westlife, and The Moffats (have you remembered it ?^^) while my friends were playing the video on the bus.
6. I bought some steamed buns called “Bakpo-Telo” for my family.
7. I arrived at 7 pm, my Mom picked me up.

Hhhhhh.. I was so tired!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A 2 Year Ago Recommendation Letter

When I was cleaning up my room in the morning yesterday, I found a piece of paper inside my binder pouch. I opened it and I was surprised. That piece of paper brought out some memories of mine.

Here is a recommendation letter from my aunt, ...hmm I just wanna call her my aunt eventhough she doesn't have any family connection with mine. This recommendation letter was needed to comply a requirement of student exchange program registration (called AFS).

I don't mean to be kinda boastful, but I just want you to know who I am, according to her perception..

"I am Jani Purnawanty who knew Felkiza Vinanda since she was 1 year old. I watched her grows as we were living in a near neighborhood. Even though in 1994, she and her family moved out, but we are still in a close relationship.

Kiza grows as a cute, friendly, warm, polite, and pleasant girl. She is an open-minded, a very easygoing person, and possesses an insightful sense of humor. She is also a confidence, vigorous, and highly motivated person. She is eager to learn and try new things as well as enjoys exploring her artistic sense, especially in music, writing, and art-digital-design.

Kiza is a very responsible, discipline, and determined person. These very well support her leadership. I noticed she was a chief for her group when she joined Boy Scout in Elementary School. She also actively run and managed the student body (OSIS) when she was in Junior High School. Currently, she posts as ‘Ketua Kelas’ and an official to the basket ball group. I believe she performed those tasks well and satisfying. She works efficiently and in well order, also always accomplished the responsibilities burdened to her adequately.

Kiza has very pleasant personality; she knows exactly how to behave and always acts in a proper manner. Her cheerfulness and sincerity places her as ‘a shoulder to cry on’ to many of her friends. She is a pretty nice person to talk and having conversation with her is very enjoyable. Kiza is a person to hug.

To mention a few, her obvious strengths are enthusiasm to move forward, highly motivated, always open herself to criticisms without being easily irritated, stable emotionally, very well adapted person, fruitful, creative, confidence, pretty nice personality, and intelligent.

Just because she always tries to satisfy her curiosity to explore new things, sometimes it makes her less focus and a bit unable to put priority. Indeed, those are not weaknesses at all, those are very normal to the girl in her age; she just needs to understand herself deeper in order to know what precisely she wants and needs to achieve.

It is of my opinion; considering her potency and many excellent points she owns, I am positive the opportunities to live abroad will definitely shaping and sharpening Felkiza Vinanda’s personality and intelligent in a very positive way. I also believe, she is an asset for the future and deserves to have any golden opportunity, including this culture exchange program, as a ladder for her to reach higher.

Surabaya, 26 April 2006

Jani Purnawanty, S.H., S.S., LL.M."

Actually, I wanna put her photograph here, but poor me, I don't have any of hers :(
I will, later.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Today's lesson from Mom

When I had lunch together with my Mom, we were talking about some late issues happened to my family, as my father (finally) checked to the dentist about his tartars. Then we jumped the conversation into my future issues, I told her that I was so expected to have an overseas study after taking a bachelor degree at Petra Christian University Surabaya (my future college :p). Mom and Dad would be okay for it and they supported me much :) hmm.. but the most thing is I want to be a family's pride.

Mom went so wisely when she told that praying could be the best foundation for me to go through the college world. She added that it would be a 'wild-life', knowing our youthful life begins to change into the older one. Yea, then she told that I was still unstable, still unstable in my 17.
Mom, I may be not your little girl anymore now, but I'm ready for the next-step of my life.

Thanks for all, Mom. I love you.

My Mom and my youngest sister, Diva

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Suckturday

Q : What’s The Suckturday?
A : The Suckturday is an affiliation of 4 adolescents which have same interest in art and experimental photography, especially in what we called ‘street-fashion’ photography and urban stuffs.

Q : Who’s belong to The Suckturday?
A : They are Moozchi, Buntel, John, and me, Qza.

Q : How come it should be named as The Suckturday ?
A : That day was Saturday afternoon on December 8th, 2007. Me, John, and Buntel went to hunt some pictures as we like in the west section of Surabaya (unfortunately Moozchi had another plan to do). I was poor in driving car at that time (because I had been driving since 6 months before), and the boys were very anxious. Hahaha, ‘til we got the location, we didn’t get many photographs. The day was going to be darken, and we decided to go home. As we were riding on the road, we planned to continue our journey to Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya, but unfortunately (again) I didn’t get permission from my parents. Hhh, very bad luck, as my car was also getting out of gasoline, so I turned off the air-conditioner, and opened the car mirror, then we were dealing in a heat. That’s what we mean; we didn’t have a ‘Sweeturday’ but just ‘Suckturday’ :p

Q : Oh okay... Let’s see the pictures of you!
A : C’mon :)

Event 1
“Red-A Deteksi Convention 2k7”
Date : November 16-25th, 2007
Location : SSCC Supermal Pakuwon Indah Surabaya
(see the older post which titled is “Converse Custom!”before)

It was my first meet with John and Buntel.
They also joined the competition as they represented SMA Santa Maria Surabaya.


This is me and Moozchi, represented SMA Negeri 2 Surabaya.

The closing day of Red-A DetCon 2k7, November 25th, 2007.



Congratulations for John and Buntel, they are the best 10 of Converse Custom Shoes Competition.

Event 2
“Our Suckturday..”
Date : December 8th, 2007
Location : Citraland, Surabaya




hmm.. i'll be waiting for the next street-fashion photo session!
see you ! :)