2nd blog award

Oh thank you my dear Shida Aruya who gave me this 2nd award :)

Here are the rules I have to do :
1. Post the award
2. Tag the award to people as many as you like
3. Mention 5 of your favourite blogs with the reasons why
4. Mention the person who give you this award

for number 2 & 3 :
1. Hello Hello Hi
= my bestbud, Putri Macan is the owner. Love to see her works and just wanna give her support to do more updates!
= my blogger friend, Ana, is the owner. Love to see her header and colorful layout :)
3. my daily inspiration...
= my classmate, Deny Deyn, is the owner. Love his animation works and his reviews!
4. Momo Styllables
= my blogger friend, Pyut, is the owner. Love her pics on Rockville, Maryland!
5. theexperimental
= my senior, Radit, is the owner. He's genius one!

for number 4 :
Shida Aruya is her! She keeps on blogging, willing to do updates, and one of a nice friend I know. Visit her blog, it's nice and fun! :)


  1. Oh waw !

    Terima kasih, tengkyu, matur nuwun dan semacamnya, ahahahahaha...

    Jadi sungkan aku rek.

  2. makasihhhhhhhh sayangku muahhh

  3. *mas radit : ay yay, sama2 mas! haha lapo sungkan mas?

    *putri macan rawwrr : yuhuu sama2 sayangku, muah jg deh hehehe

  4. congrats for the award dear. waah lama ga berkunjung nih ke blog kamu. hihi ;)
    notice any changes on my blog?

  5. *putri erdisa : thank you! yes, you changed your layout, rite? but honestly, love your latest one, with purple and blue touch. hehehe but you said that someone had a same like you!

    *deyn : you're welcome :)

  6. by the way mau dong dapat award

  7. awh~ you're just sooooo sweet, love! thank you so much for the lovely award! xoxo!

  8. *yulia : thank you! hehehe iya ntar di tag deh :)

    *ana : you're soooo welcome :) hugs


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