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Online all the time: Youth & New Media. The impact of social networking and the online world on Indonesian culture

Actually, this is a very nice topic. It is generally known under the name of youth daily life. We are young people and we love to discover things around the world. We thirst for knowledge, we thirst for truth. Thus, thanks to the inventor of the Internet, we are now able to complete these.

Then, Internet has developed in many ways. Young people create much inventions, technology seems attract them much. They sit for more than 3 hours to browse information, chatting with an old friend, sending e-mails, downloading, blogging, see several updates on their networks, and so on. They are likely inseparable; and I personally agree that technology has taken us so much. Who could resist those easier ways? You surely do, right? Well, and this is the matter.

Internet gives us this incredible thing, called social networking. Where we can meet others and then build a network. Where we can put our photos and let them know about our part life. Where we can write down our thoughts, our deepest feelings, and give some critics to others. Where all seems have to be updated.

And most of Indonesian people do those things above.

We are getting nearly influenced and please beware of stumbling to these addictions. If you are kind of unsure, let me give you a question. How many times do you spend for Facebook-ing? Do you always keep your Internet mobile on your hand? Do you feel lost when you are unable to access your social networking account? If they are all yes, then you’ve become addicted. Is it really more interesting than reading your books and newspapers? Is it really more interesting than visiting your old relatives? Is it really more interesting than helping your maid or your mother to cook?

Maybe we've been ignoring them. Maybe we've lost the time to gain our intelligences. Where have you been, smart people? Don't just sticking around, this country really need you. Oh what a modern life, technology has taken us away.

Okay, what we need to decrease these own bad habits is all about the choice. You have to start from yourself. Pull out your willingness to give updates every minutes and start to grab your local book or newspaper. Read our country problems and give your own arguments, inside your mind or just discuss it to your friends. Put more attentions to others and show them that you really care.

It’s not so hard to do, it’s urgently need. We all know that our beloved country can not stand alone under the government. We’re young people with our juicy ideas. Let’s help the government by trying to think that we’re the future soldier of Indonesia. Its future condition will most depends on us!

C’mon be brave to stay united.
Decrease racism and be critical.

Because we are Indonesian people.
We are ONE.


  1. Sip, saya dukung ini...

    Jadilah muda-mudi yg kuat + intelek, haha. Merdeka ! Hidup Indonesia !

  2. maksudnya apa za?? ak ga ngerti bahasa inggris >.<


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