Next week events!

Ah, it's been a month! How are you doing, my friends? Hope you enjoy these beautiful days.

I've been so busy with school stuffs. Loads of assignments, seminars, events...well, you name it all.
My schedule is tight and I rarely have time to update this blog. (or maybe.. got nothing to share? LOL) 

So, here are the projects I've been working on. Let's come and see! :)

design by: Jane Valjane

Petra Little Theatre is having performances next week.
It's a one-act comedy called "The Spy Who Came In For The Phone" by Alan Richardson.
In this play, you'll find 60s fashion, two guns, some kung-fu, and the most ANNOYING telephone's ringing in the whole world.
Book a seat and enjoy the show! ;)
design by: Felkiza Vinanda

"In the face of ever-increasing globalization, changes have penetrated almost every walk of life, including language. This fact has encouraged the English Department of Petra Christian University, Surabaya to organize a national conference under the theme of “Language in the Online and Offline World 3: the Transformation” to address contemporary language issues in the fields of creative industries, education business, and business communication. We expect that this will enhance the quality and effectiveness of language use in academic and professional settings in our country. This seminar will bring together students, teachers, lecturers, scholars, and experts of any field using language from all over Indonesia to discuss, reflect on and develop their perspectives as well as offer many opportunities for professional contact and development."