Steven Harrington replied my post on Instagram and how I made "Rhoo"

Hi, my name is Rhoo!

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I once posted a photo on Instagram; showing some pictures of artworks made by Steven Harrington, my favorite illustrator, on IdN Magazine: The Geometric Issue published in 2009. I did it without any specific reason, I just happened to love his artworks and wanted to appreciate it. I also did not expect that he would reply my post when I mentioned his Instagram account. I just wanted to let him know, that was it.

Yet, something surprised me two days later. Steven gave me a reply! He simply wrote "Xo" and appreciated it by liking my post. I was so goddamn happy! *yeah* I know that it might sound silly, but I weirdly felt that someone out there, in L.A, had recognized me and he was Steven Harrington, whose works have always become my inspirations. 

In the era of social media-boom, when you get excited, you will definitely share it to others through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or others. Am I right? And I did it all the same. I tweeted about the good news, about Steven replied my post on Instagram, and one of my blog friends, Onny, replied my "shared-happiness tweet". He encouraged me to draw again, which I had been neglecting for months (or years? LOL). I thought about it for a while; thinking that Onny might be true. My desire to draw had almost faded out since I had been focusing my life on studying well, achieving better results in college, and graduating soon these past three years. That time, I realized that I missed my long-lost interest: in drawing; to be clear. 

Therefore I managed to take my sketchbook which I had put on the drawer beneath my bed for a long time and started to draw. At first I was feeling that my fingers were stiffed; for it had been used as my own device to write (or type) an analysis of a novel, poem, or cultural facts which I do it for college rather than to draw. I failed on making great lines with my drawing pens and it was like a disaster to me. Anyone who has known me for years would certainly get it: yes, I am a neat-line freak (do not mind it, that is how I call it. LOL). So, I flipped through a new page and worked on a new drawing, which was much simpler than I used to do.

Having finished drawing, I went to the computer room at my house and got my drawing scanned. The process took me almost three hours to finish the final part; adding color to my drawing. I know that an amateur like me do not have to blurt a confession on such process while the professional ones are totally relaxed and maybe, getting used to it. But me? I do not really care, I just want to share my story.

Finally, I got it worked for me. The final drawing might be simple in the form of artwork but the story behind it was something that I thought was worth to share. How the desire and the will to draw had penetrated every single cells of my body until I could finally made one and gave it a name: "Rhoo". The name actually meant nothing, I just came up with such an idea. If you are the loyal readers of my blog (do I have any? LOL), you will notice that I plan (it is really an old plan and I have not made it yet) to write a story about these odd creatures I have been making as my drawings for years. Maybe someday I will give more "life" and more "touches" to Rain-boo, Father Takana, Pockeeta, Kielv, Joule & Magnoom, Cherrie, Agloma, and Hiberta.

So hopefully my plans will turn out into actions. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! :)