Project: Felktale

As I was born on the sixteenth day of June, the sixth month, I have grown an affinity for number 6 and 16. My birth date, my childhood house and my mobile phone number – all has 6 and 16. Maybe it’s just a coincidence (I didn’t choose my phone number ‘coz it has 6 in it, but I picked it for the triple 2 – I am the second child), maybe it’s my lucky number(s). I have seen many twin numbers everywhere too, so I think today is the best time to launch my brainchild, Felktale.

Felktale is basically a compilation of my drawing and story. If you’ve been following me since 2010 (sounds creepy but hey, what can you do in this digital era?), you may have noticed that I have an ‘on-and-off relationship’ with drawing.

Here’s a bit of background. Drawing is actually not a new thing for me. I like drawing since I was a child. My favorite was drawing Sailor Moon characters and those Japanese female fiction heroes we knew from television and mangas, like Wedding Peach, Magic Knights and Cardcaptor Sakura. I often accompanied the drawings with fan fiction stories for I wish they were more ‘alive’. That hobby continued until I was on the sixth grade. I was quite bored with drawing and coloring competition at school, so I decided to look for a new hobby. I went to explore music from hip-hop to rock and that was my fangirling story started.

2008 was the year I entered a design school so I had to draw again after 6 years of hiatus. It wasn’t easy for me – most of my friends were blessed with awesome drawing skills, yet my skill was not born that natural. I had to get myself used to sketchbook, drawing pens, 2B-5B pencils, Chinese inks, and variants of brushes. I tell you it wasn’t easy at all, but the character of my drawing started to develop pretty well.

I quit design school and moved to a private uni to study English lits in 2010. I had to exercise my storytelling skill there ‘coz the curriculum didn’t only involve reading the Classics but also writing essays, fictions and copywriting. A lot of #throwback moments happened, I had to recall how to craft words like I had used to when I was younger.

For almost 16 years, I’ve been watching two skills, drawing and storytelling, growing up in turn (even for the slightest inch). In other words, Felktale is a complex manifestation of these two skills. It was my lost dream but I’m taking it back.

So please welcome my new playground @felktale :)