Happy Independence Day to our beloved country, Indonesia! For those who've read my post on August 3rd, they will easily notice these pictures. Right, it's my submission for Magnum Opus, a poetry competition held by the official English Department students organization of Petra Christian University.

My artwork

The title and the participant's name, which is me! :))

The sentence of the first line :)

My old CDs are truly magic.

The poetry is created under the specific topic of "Show Your Love" and all participants are required to use eco-friendly products as the materials (note: in short, paper is not allowed). I simply chose a plain white t-shirt, some old CDs, a red woolen string, a fine glue, a green plastic hanger, some artificial leaves, and some permanent markers to construct the artwork. In other words, I had this idea of recycling process.

As I finished to combine all of the materials into a solid product, I began to think about my poem. So, I wrote it down, made it scattered all over the body, and added some decorative details to make it more attractive. VoilĂ !, it was all done! :)

Anyway, we haven't talked about the poem, right? Basically, it has 4 stanzas with 4 lines each. The first line begins with the following words: "Don't be so passive 'cause you've got a light to shine..." and it's continued to the next group of lines; containing words that are full of emotion -- vivacity and positivity. Why? 'Coz this poem is special and it's nice to help a pessimistic person! :)

"Don’t be so passive
‘Cause you’ve got a light to shine
Just set yourself on fire
And feel the beat of power !

Jump, jump!
It’s not as scary as you think
The world is waiting for you
People is watching you

Bring yourself up to the front
Show your confidence, show your passion
It’s really not a competition
It’s just something you need to give

Hey, look! They are smiling at you
It’s because you’re special ..
You’re truly a gift !
And everyone is proud of you!"

("Optimistic", by Felkiza Vinanda, 2011) 

*Note: I haven't got a chance to win the competition, but I'm quietly proud of it. All works of the participants had been displayed on the exhibition (which took place at B Hallway of Petra Christian University) for two days. Well, I just love it!


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