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I laid my eyes on the vacant deep blue sea in front of me. It painted the lower part of the orange sky beautifully; forming a glittering sea below it. My wish was actually to see the sea moving, yet it seemed it was stable and quiet. I raised my eyebrows and tried to focus my sight. As I concentrated on the view in front of me, an adult man came and stood beside me. When I looked at him, I did not have any impression but a surprise. He was very tall; 190 centimeter, perhaps. He also wore all white on his body; from head until toe. Specifically, there was only long white cloth attached to his slim body. He folded the cloth in such way to cover those broad shoulder and long legs. Well, for me, it seemed complicated yet admirable. He looked like an angel from the paradise, though.

Despite his white outfits, he also has distinctive features on his body. He had got a long white hair with a small bun on it, thick white eyebrows, white mustaches and beard. From these features, I thought that he was already 60s something or 70s, but surprisingly, there were no wrinkles on his oval-shaped face. Instead, his skin was flawless and glowing. He surely had a particular connection to the ancient Greek God. Noticing that I was observing him, he smiled and pointed to the sea. I was, again, surprised by looking at his fingers. They were so tiny and neat that it did not fit with his height. I really wanted to laugh for his imperfection. But, when I looked at my own fingers, I suddenly felt sad. My right hand’s index finger was lost since an accident when I was 5 year old. So I decided to remain calm and polite.

“Do you know why the sea remains still?” the man asked. I shook my head.

He smiled and showed his beautiful teeth. “The sea wants to give us space.” he continued. I frowned.


“Yes, space. A special space designed to us for contemplating around this beautiful view.”

I did not say something because I tried to grasp his weird sentences. Surprisingly, he laughed.

“Are you getting confused? Sorry.” He patted my shoulder. Oh, his hands felt warm.

“Well, it’s hard to explain what I actually mean. I’ll let you find it yourself. Okay?” he continued his conversation. As he turned his body and began to walk, I tapped his shoulder.

“Where are you going? I don’t even know your name.” I said.

“Oh. Here, names aren’t important anymore. I think we’ll use numbers to call on someone.” He answered with a little wink. Then, he left me.

“Wait! I still don’t understand!” I shouted. But he did not pay attention to me. He kept walking until I lost my sight on him.

I took a deep breath and gulped. He said ‘names are not important anymore’? What were we? A cloning project? As I tried to figure it out, I closed my eyes for a while. I tried to forget the man’s complicated saying and tried to feel the warmth of the sun. The afternoon light has successfully penetrated through my skin. I suddenly felt warm, as warm as the man’s hand. I did not know why but I felt incredibly secure when he was closer to me. Weird, I know.

In time like this, I wished to hold back all the glorious feelings in my old days. But unfortunately, I could not. I was too frigid. I was unable to put myself in such lovely situation. So I opened my eyes and moved my sight to the ground. During my disappointment, I saw my bare feet touched the sparkling white sand below me. I almost fell into tears for I suddenly felt delightful and enjoyable at this moment. The sand just simply made me happy. Its color; the combination of my favorite colors, white, gold, and crème, seemed perfect to form an element of a beautiful life. I really wanted to thank God for His amazing creation.

“Hi, there.” suddenly I heard someone with rough and raspy voice. I raised my head and tried to have a look on the voice's owner.

A big man in black outfit was standing few meters away. He had got a really big body; almost gigantic like Hagrid in Harry Potter. He also got long thick curly black hair, mustache, and beard. I could think that he almost never trimmed his beard for it grew like a mess. His mouth was also wide and his teeth were dirty. Scary enough for making me shivered.

“Who..who are you?” I asked. His all-in-black appearances really matters to me.

“You forgot who I am?” he smirked. Then, he patted my shoulder. Now I felt strangely cold.

“Oh, don’t give me those eyes. It reminds me to your last day.” He said with a bitter smile.

“My last day?” I asked.

“I took your beautiful soul.” He pointed to my chest.

Still, I could not say anything but I guessed I knew who he was. Suddenly I felt dizzy and unwell that I almost fainted. My head was getting heavy and my palms were getting sweaty. My body was also shivering.

“Are you okay?” He tried to grab my hands but I resisted.

Yes, I’m okay, Sir. At least I was okay before...

“You remember me? Good. Yeah, I’m the Grim Reaper. I took everyone’s dead soul.” And then he laughed so loudly that I wanted to cover my ears.

With my shivering body and my heavy head, I suddenly fell into the ground and lied there. I could see the sun, I could see the clouds. I could see the quiet sea and I could see the white sand. I could see the man in white and this Grim Reaper. Yet, I could not see my dead body. It was left somewhere in a place that I could not remember. I think it was in a station, if I was not mistaken. For all I could remember, I was standing at the edge of street and staring at nothing when something hit me. Badly.

“You’re sleepy, eh? Okay, take your time. Welcome to the new life, Joffrey Eibsen.” said the Grim Reaper as he left and waved his hands.

From now on, crying seemed to be the most effective way to get over things for a broken hearted like me. But, could I stay crying? No, of course not. I should move on from my last shadow. I looked at the sea again. It was still quiet and peaceful. It did not make any move. Well, I thought I had revealed the truth little by little. My questions also had been answered. Yes, that man in white was right. Perhaps, he was indeed an angel that tried to help me noticing my “new life”. My “afterlife” phase here; in a place I would call my future home.

“Don’t waste your time. Go to the hill up there now. He is waiting for you!” shouted The Grim Reaper. He pointed to the hill beside the beach. I nodded and gave him the same bitter smile.

Okay, everything is clear now. I stood up, cleaned myself up, and started to follow the Grim Reaper to the hill. While I was walking, I remembered every faces of my beloved family, partner, and friends. I remembered my parents’ and my brother’s face, I remembered my dearest Sarah’s face, and I remembered John, Derrick, Hayley, and Catherine. I really hoped they were good down there.

Goodbye Mom, goodbye Dad. Goodbye friends. I'll see you again.
In the next life.