Make-up and Hair styling for "Vision of Serenity"

I am so grateful to be involved in a photo shoot and video project of Kimilatta's 2011 collection, "Vision of Serenity". It was fun and challenging since it was my second time being the make-up artist and hair stylist of the project (I have told you about the first one, right?). So, thanks to Mars Rizkia, a brand owner and creative director of Kimilatta (which is also my best friend of 10 years), for giving me a chance to work for her project and... finally, letting me know that the video is out :)

And here it is. The result is pretty awesome, you have to watch it! :)

"Vision of Serenity"
Kimilatta 2011 Collection

Directed by Giovanni Dananjaya
Concept and Stylist by Mars Rizkia
Make-up and Hair by Felkiza Vinanda
Cast: Debbi Utomo
Camera and Editing by Giovanni Dananjaya

Music: Rainbow Arabia - Boys and Diamonds 

Also, more behind-the-scenes photos are showing up on the Kimilatta Facebook page..

The process was tough, I could say.

Finally, the result was more than enough. I was happy!

Fajri, me, and Mars while waiting for the video shoot :)

The crew! 
You guys are amazing.

Photographed by Adityo Nugroho
P.S : Specifically, I used Snazaroo Classic Face Paint Colour - White, Oriflame Forever Eyes Cream Eyeshadow - Capuccino Beige, and Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eyeliner - Black for the dominant block of the model's make-up (that's it? no, of course they were also followed by other kits which I forgot the names! *lol*).


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